Children Safe Products

Children Safe Products
Adidas takes safety very seriously when producing for young athletes. The clothes worn by young children must exercise high levels of safety. Decorative materials, buttons, stickers, cords, drawstrings, hoods, among others have been known to cause serious accidents when kids are not monitored closely during their activities. The Adidas group ensures their children products pass the Global Apparel Safety Manual for Children’s Clothing’s; which is a combination of strict rules and regulations from the EU and the US.

Consumer-safe Products
Adidas Group ensures all the products launched into the market have no defects and are safe to the user. Defective product may not only have a negative impact on the company, but may also result in injury to the consumers. All the products have to pass the conformity standards, chemical product safety, and physical policies and tests.

The group has dedicated teams who monitor the safety of the products throughout the manufacturing process. They are in constant communication with the suppliers to keep track of the products after retail delivery or in case of a defective product or a customer’s complaints.

NanoMaterials Usage
Nano-sized materials can be termed as an extreme ratio between “big” surface and “small” volume. The ratio causes very high activity. Adidas implements Nano-sized materials in very specific products, which helps differentiate their physical, chemical properties from other brands. Adidas has done extensive studies to ensure that the nanoparticles do not cause any potential risk to the consumers. Golf shoes comprising of the P2i’s ion-mask technology use this material as functional product features such as water-repellent coating or finishes.

The backpacks produced by Adidas have great capacity with straps that are comfortable with any size load. They also comprise of thoughtful features such as a padded laptop compartment, a padded air mesh, microfiber pocket for your mobile device, and Adidas load spring mechanism on the shoulder straps. The outer top part of the bags is cushioned to ensure comfort for the user with every step.

The shoes produced by Adidas can be summed up in one word; Comfortable. They are highly stable, light, and very stylish. They are very sturdy and grip the ground wonderfully giving you great balance. The combination of the elevated sections on the bottom of the shoes and the shock absorbers relieves pressure from the knees and back. A customer with knee or back problems is best suited with Adidas shoes for athletic activities.

The clothes Adidas produces are made of high quality materials. If you are working out, the material does not stick to your body. The clothes are machine friendly making them very easy to clean.

The accessories from Adidas group are highly durable and manufactured with the athlete’s performance and comfort in mind. From a swimmer, a footballer, to a coach, the Adidas watches, for example, are suitable for all.

Next time you visit a store, spoil yourself with an Adidas product. They are environmentally friendly, safe for all, easy to use, sustainable, and well worth your money.

German Made

adidas was founded in Germany by Adi Dassler, in 1948. Adidas produces state-of-the-art athletic footwear designed to help the user achieve maximum levels of performance and comfort.

Product Variety
The company not only manufactures shoes but is also known for its sportswear, and accessories. They provide athletic shoes for baseball, basketball, volleyball, adventure, football, golf, outdoor, rugby, softball, soccer, training, running, and walking.

The Adidas performance clothing line also has a wide variety to choose from, including tops, pants, tracksuits, hoodies, and even Adidas socks. The options are countless for men, women, and children.

The Adidas kids’ shoes and clothes are also available to provide the same performance and comfort to the younger athletes.

Adidas has a wide variety of bags the users can choose from. Some of the bags available are, bat bags, tournament ball bags, Racquet bags, among many others. Other types of bags available include backpacks, totes, and duffel bags.

Adidas provides fashion forward watches that help keep track of time and at the same time keep track of your performance. The watches come in analog, chronological, and digital form. They all feature attributes such as alarms, lap counters, and are all water resistant.

The products availed to us by Adidas cater for all sorts of persons. From beginners, amateurs, professionals, to All-stars, this is your one stop shop for any level athlete.

Environmental Friendly Products
The Adidas products use the Design for Environment approach to ensure the products are environmentally friendly. During production, the manufacturers use as few resources as possible. The manufacturers use as much recycled and sustainable materials as possible. The materials chosen emit very little carbon.

A key factor exercises with all Adidas products is the safety of the consumer. The products made are tested to ensure the user is safe throughout the duration of the items. A good example is the Element Voyager shoe that was launched in the spring of 2013. This running shoe was manufactured with sustainable fabrics such as recycled polyester and soybean based foams. It also comprises of a one-piece injection mid-sole and high pattern efficiency to ensure the comfort and safety of the user. The shoe is high-performance yet eco-friendly.

Better Place Products
In 2007, the business launched the Adidas Better Place programme with the main aim of encouraging the creation of more sustainable products under the Design for environment approach. The company developed the Better Place Apparel, Footwear, and Hardware Tools as a response to the non- existence of a single global standard to define the meaning of the production of sustainable products.

The Tools work to ensure the products use very little energy in production and reduce waste during manufacturing. In the example of the Adidas shoes, the Footwear Guideline Tool ensures the large parts (base uppers, outsoles), and the large processors (pattern efficiency) reduce waste and energy when compared to the smaller processors (closures, laces).

The Better Place products are made from 100% recycled paper. No glue is used in the production of the products which enables the products to become waste when they reach the end of their life. Better Place products are marked using a special hanger or shoe box in stores.

Precious Merchandise

The Adidas company kept innovation alive with a good marketing team that focused Adidas on making athletes even better. Some great innovations by the Adidas company included the Torsion in the year of 1989, the Equipment concept in the year of 1991, the Streetball campaign in the year of 1992, along with the Predator football boot in the year of 1994–all which really took over this era.

With the arrival of a new team member which was the Solomon Group and its brands such as TaylorMade, Mavic and Bonfire, the company’s name was changed to Adidas-Solomon AG. in the year of 1997.

Adidas moved its headquarters to its original roots just outside of Herzogenaurach in the year of 1998. The World of Sports was changed and modified over the year to house and accommodate the company and its employees. Since the year of 2013, there were over three thousand employees who had access to outdoor sports facilities, a cafeteria, a kindergarten and a gymnasium.

In the year of 2001, Adidas received a new CEO by the name of Herbert Heiner and he had a great international team with him that helped to make the Adidas company even more successful. He had more great innovative products even on time for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. By 2011, he had become the longest standing CEO of all DAX companies.

As the year 2000 rolled around, the Addidas Company created sporty streetwear that would appeal to the general population and obtained the new labels in partnership with Yohji Yamamoto in the year of 2002 and Stella McCartney in the year of 2004.

The Salomon group left the Adidas company in the year of 2006 and the Reebok company took their place. In June of 2006, the company was simply renamed to Adidas AG. Adidas kept on training to get better to make their athletes even better and acquired yet more companies from the years of 2009 to 2012 including stuff relating to the golf industry. Adidas was not afraid to consult with various industry specialists.

Since the year of 2010, the company continued to climb new heights and even took ledership in owning the largest golf company in the world under the TaylorMade brand that long ago had joined Adidas.

The Adidas brand is pleased to offer apparel and footwear for every sport and also wear for daily use, even if you like to look stylish as a fahsionista. They know how to target various groups for various brands.Adidas has some of the best cushioned running shoes out there and has many other great products that continue to lead the market today.

The company is preparing for success in the future by coming up with strategies to be successful and to meet the needs of the athletes. They realize that speed is key to the success of their growth. They need to be fast in internal decision making, along with meeting the needs of consumers. They have intensified their efforts to concentrate on trends in New York, Paris, and other cities. And they want to talk to the public for input. This is where the company is currently at and is proud that it is so.

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In the year of 1971, in the United States of America a man by the name of Saul Katz along with his son by the name of Bruce Katz were in business partnership as family members as they sold shoes out of the trunk of their car. These men were the first in history to ever combine materials that were advanced along with technology in the production of casual footwear that was called Rockport. Eventually they partnershipped with the Adidas company.

When the Olympic Games occurred in Munich Germany in the year of 1972, it seemed that the whole world had their eyes perched on Germany. Right on time for the event, the Adidas company had presented a logo that was new and that was here to stay. It was the Trefoil. This was to symbolise performance. But today the Adidas Originals collection represents lifestyle and street. Times do change, but the trefoil quality is something that will not disappear.

From the years of 1972 to 1978, the Adidas company was reaching the world from Herzogenaurach, Germany with the Three Stripes expanding to take on making stuff for more and more sports throughout the years. This showed that an increased number of athletes in various sports sectors had placed their absolute trust and confidence in the Adidas Company to be able to make the best products to make them perform at their peek best as athletes. The world’s best football players such as those from the Argentininean national team, the outdoor icon Reihold Messner who climbed mountains in Adidas shoes, gymnast Nadia Comaneci who got a perfect score and many other athletes trusted Adidas completely.

In the year of 1978, Adi Dassler parted this world on the date of Semptember 6 just barely missing his seventy eighth birthday. He left behind a very prosperous and flourishing business to his son, Horst, who took over and continued to master his ability in the modern world of sports marketing.

The Adidas company embraced the reality that three is not a crowd. With three employees, the foundation could be laid for Gary Adams and two colleagues to be able to make metalwoods that were tailored in order to make players better at their company based in California. The company was called Taylormade.

Reebok was doing well and women around the world were working out in their footwear. Gin Miller became the face to represent Step Reebok. In 1989, the Pump hit the markets and thus resulted in Reebok becoming a household name in various categories.

During the years of the 1980’s, it was true that not as much was known about computers as today; and certainly computers were not a part of footwear until the Adidas company made it so when they added it to their footwear,which is known today as miCoach to provide good performance statistics for serious and very competitive athletes who want to achieve their very best.

In the year of 1987, there was the unexpected death of Horst Drassler and there were many other complications, which meant the family business was near bankruptcy in 1992. But somehow the Adidas company would be on the comeback.

In 1993, the new CEO of the Adidas company took on the challenge of getting the company to where it should go with his partner Christian Tourres. The company became very market driven and the Adidas slogan that was chosen as a new thing for their ads was loved by the public, which said, “We knew then, we know now.”

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Continued Growth

While the Adidas company continued to grow, there were two British brothers who were many miles away from Herzogenaurach by the names of Joe Foster and Jeff Foster, who set out to give their grandfather’s shoe company that was named J. W. Foster and Sons a completely new name. Yes, that business that had been founded way back in the year of 1895 was changed in name to Reebok. This bit of information is essential to other parts of the story here that will be addressed later.

There is much power in a name. The name Kaiser was very significant, because it was the name of a new tracksuit that was produced by the Adidas company in the year of 1967. The Kaiser tracksuit made its debut and became the first item of apparel that was produced for the Adidas company that opened a whole new line of business and wealth for a company that at the time had only been notorious for the type of footwear that it produced.

The Adidas Company had to continue to gain, build and maintain the trust of the world’s athletes over the decades. The Adidas company achieved this by making innovative products that helped athletes to perform their best. The founder’s success was that he, Adi Dassler, added a special additional personal ingredient, which was the fact that he met with athletes to discuss with them what they wanted. He even invited some of them as visitors to Herzogenaurach.

He listed to them very carefully regarding all that they said and was mindful to always be observing what could be improved or even newly created to meet their various needs to help them perform their best in the most excellent and comfortable way possible. The best of the athletic world had learned to trust the Adidas company and its founder right from the beginning. That would not have any change within the decades to yet come. The athletes would have cause to yet trust the Adidas company.

The Adidas company had been successful in making footwear that was worn by gold medal winners and its apparel had been worn by record breakers. Now the company had the desire to make something to kick. It was completed in 1970. The Adidas company thus managed to yet conquer another branch of the sporting goods industry with the deliverance of their official ball that was called Telsar in honor of the FIFA World Cup in the year of 1970. The design of the ball was for the purpose of being able to improve the visibility of the ball on black and white television. This proved to be the commencement of a great partnership with the Adidas company being the provider of the official match ball for every FIFA World Cup series thereafter.


The Adidas Company is said to have started in a wash room actually and since then has gone on to conquer the world, so to speak. In between the time of the beginning of the company until now, this business has had some highs and great successes in achieving their goals, while at other times they have known what it means to face some struggles in their attempts to achieve their goals that they had set out for themselves. As they anticipate the future, they are fully aware of where they have come from. So now this article provides a more in depth look into the history of the Adidas company.

adidas 2 The early years of the company are considered to be that time frame from the year of 1900 to the year of 1949. Their story has a beginning, which started in the small town of Bavaria in the nation of Germany. The first steps for this company were developed in Adi Dassler’s mother’s wash kitchen. Eventually Adi Dassler registered his company with the name of Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik in the early year of 1924 with the center of his purpose being to provide athletes with the best possible equipment that they needed for their sports to be able to play well and even to win. Two athletes won gold medals as users of his equipment. Lina Radke won a gold medal in Amserdam in the year of 1928 and Jesse Owens followed behind by winning another gold medal in the year of 1936 in Berlin. These were great rewards for the Adidas company to show that their equipment was of great quality and stood up to the tasks that the athletes put the equipment through. Yes, these were milestones to be proud of for the Adidas company. But this was only the commencement of the company’s achievements.

track adidas

It was in the year of 1949 that the founding father of the Adidas company, Adi Dassler, set to work at starting all over again with a group of forty seven employees under his management. He registered his company as the Adi Dassler Adidas Sportschuhfabrik when he was forty nine years of age. It occurred on the same day that he decided to register a shoe, which included the registration ofthe Adidas Three Stripes, which were soon to become very famous. There were humble beginnings for the company, which he set up the second time in Herzogenaurach. There was a global success story arising on the horizon for the Adidas company, which would take place because of the intervention of a miracle.

adidas 1


In the year of 1954, no one thought that studs that were screwed in on the bottoms of lightweight football boots would help to rewrite history. It happened that when the national football team of the Germanswas facing off with the unbeatable national football team of the Hungarians during the World Cup final, they really had won so much more than just a grand trophy. Their remarkable victory would be announced all over the world yet for many future decades. This resulted in the Adidas brand and its founder becoming a household name on the tongues of those involved in football pitches everywhere.